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Title: Question
Post by: dolphins4life on May 21, 2023, 07:56:26 pm
I was watching a John Oliver special in which he bashed the NCAA for not paying college athletes.

I got a couple questions

1) One athlete said that there were time he didn't have enough money for food.  This does not make sense.  Full scholarships to schools are supposed include a free meal plan at the college cafeteria.

2) If we pay college athletes, why do we not pay high school athletes?

Title: Re: Question
Post by: Dave Gray on May 21, 2023, 08:14:07 pm
Please try to do a better job of choosing a subject for your thread.  "Question" isn't descriptive.  This should say something like "Paying college athletes".

1) I can think of a few things.  How do you know the player had a full scholarship?  And does the student have meals when he isn't on campus for school but also has no income? 
2) High School football isn't a 1.6 billion dollar industry.

The whole issue here is that colleges use players to have gigantic contracts for TV and licensing, which the players don't get.  In addition, the players don't have the ability to market themselves.  They can't sell their own autograph, they can't endorse a product, etc.   Yet the colleges are allowed to make money on their behalf.  And then pay their coaches millions of dollars.