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Title: Pass interference?
Post by: dolphins4life on December 04, 2023, 01:14:09 am

I tend to favor let the teams play, so I can’t say I had a problem with the no-call.

We can stop saying the Chiefs get the calls, though. If they did, that would have been called

The other issue I have is momentum.  I don’t see how the defender can avoid running into the receiver in that situation. I think the rules need to account for that.

We will see if the NFL issues a statement later

Title: Re: Pass interference?
Post by: Downunder Dolphan on December 04, 2023, 07:08:33 am
The youtube clip you linked goes for nearly 20 min, and there's a load of ads to negotiate.  ???

I know the play you're getting at (which is from 11.10 in - and for the record I do agree that a flag should have been thrown), but if you start a post on this kind of topic, you really gotta do better than this dude. At the very least give us a time stamp to go to when there's over 10 minutes of lead time.  >:(

As for the Chiefs getting all the calls: up to now they pretty much did. Tonight was a little payback, and Mahomes, Reid & Co can stop bitching about it - they already have two Superbowl rings from Refs looking after their asses. They've had more than a good run, and were well overdue some decisions going against them.

Title: Re: Pass interference?
Post by: Dave Gray on December 04, 2023, 11:19:28 am
The refs really let that game get away from them in the last minute or so, with a ton of bad calls in a row.

(5:25 in the video)
It started with the unnecessary roughness on Mahomes when he was legally hit while completely in bounds.  The NFL needs to handle this.  Mahomes is the worst offender, but Josh Allen is part of the club.  He's using the sideline as a protection while still trying to get the yards also.  Usually he skirts the line, barely gets his foot out and collects the interference on a technicality, which is bullshit.  In this case, he doesn't even get out of bounds.  He's legally hit in bounds and still called.  It is one of the worst calls I've ever seen in my history of watching the league.  I think they need to look at the rule and maybe give a yard of leeway to the defender out of bounds before it's considered late.

(11:15 in the video)
This is an egregious PI that is missed.  I don't really believe in intentional "make up calls".  Maybe that happens subconsciously.  But whatever the reason, this is PI and should've been called.  But the ball should've been 15 yards back, because the previous play was garbage.  So it's hard to say what would've happened....maybe if both plays still happened and were called correctly, we'd see ball around the 19 yard line.

(12:30 in the video)
This is another bad call that won't be mentioned because it wasn't as flashy, but it is significant.  This is always called as "in bounds" when a player is trying to get the sidelines and is losing North/South yardarge.  It happens with 19 seconds on the clock, but a running clock there has KC having to get down to the line and spike the ball, probably getting it near 10-12 seconds.  I think that this probably takes away two additional plays that Chiefs would have had.  It's just weird, because it's a pretty obvious call and the ref is standing right there looking exactly for it, the player is clearly trying and failing to maintain forward momentum to get the sideline and can't do it.

(16:25 in the video)
By rule, this is PI on Kelsey.  I've heard people say that it's uncatchable (it's not).  He is shoved forward and could maybe make a play on the ball.  Even if he wasn't going to catch it, it would've been close.  There is a two-handed shove on the back.  HOWEVER, this is not a called penalty in the NFL, nor should it be.  This is 9 guys all shoving and pushing and all the players have a right to the ball.  Kelce wasn't running a route that he was knocked off of.  While it may technically be PI, it's not ever called and it isn't indicative of the type of play run.  The NBA doesn't call tick-tack fouls on full court desperation 3-pointers with no time left.  This is the same.  

Title: Re: Pass interference?
Post by: Downunder Dolphan on December 04, 2023, 06:32:14 pm

CBS commentary the mistakes in the final drive.

If there's one thing that NFL and AFL (here in Australia) both need desperately, it's full time, fully professional referees. The standard has gone backward in contrast to the other parts of the sport - and it's now literally costing teams millions from bad results that just shouldn't happen at this otherwise fully professional level.

Title: Re: Pass interference?
Post by: Dave Gray on December 04, 2023, 06:41:12 pm
I didn't even realize that the refs missed the 10 second runoff on the player ejection.

I understand the controversy on the fumble/not fumble, but I can't fault the refs.  It looks to me that he's holding the ball and the fumble starts just as the player is down.