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March 01, 2021, 08:10:52 am
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 on: Today at 07:27:00 am 
Started by ArtieChokePhin - Last post by Tenshot13
I found a mock draft simulator on Pro Football Network that allows you to make trades.  I did a full seven round mock draft.  I traded down with Philly from #3 to #6 and picked up their second rounder.  I also traded down with Indy from #18 to #21 and picked up a 5th rounder (Dolphins don't have a 5th rounder).  Also traded down late in the 2nd round with Cincy and picked up a 7th rounder).   Here are my results.  Got the O-Line and D-Line shored up and got Tua some weapons on offense.  Pretty damned good eh?

Round 1 

#6 Jamar Chase WR LSU

#21 Kwitty Paye EDGE Michigan

Round 2

#36 Alex Leatherwood OT Alabama

#38 Nick Bolton LB Missouri

#50 Javonte Williams RB North Carolina

Round 3

#81 Talanoa Hufanga S USC

Round 4
# 123 Royce Newman OG Ole Miss

Round 5
#166 Tre McKitty TE Georgia

Round 6
#208 LaBryan Ray DT Alabama

Round 7

#233 Rakeem Boyd RB Arkansas

When i used it, it was kind of broken.  I could get the Eagles 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounders for the next 3 years, then trade down with Detroit for the same and keep going as long as I wanted.  I'd be ecstatic if that was realistic lol.

 on: Today at 02:13:02 am 
Started by Brian Fein - Last post by Brian Fein
Premise:  A spy attempts to prevent the sale and distribution of an undetectable powerful chemical agent capable of killing a person in a day or two.

Rating: A little too time-sensitive on the cinematography for me but overall a decent story.

This movie wreaked of its time period, as its directorial choices for telling the story made the film as a whole seem like a dated piece.  Ethan Hunt is back, this time trying to track down a biological agent called Chimera that, when injected into a person, can kill them within 36 hours.  However, as this is happening, a bad guy attempts to sell the chemical, and exclusive rights to an antidote, to a major biomedical firm for a big pay day.

The stunts in this film were more akin to a heist movie, skydiving into a narrow window to break into a building.  Try to save the girl at the end who somehow gets herself mixed up in the whole thing.  Prototypical action sequence.  But for me, the photography of the film, and the way the conflicts presented themselves, ruined it for me. 

Slow-motion action moves and facial close ups were plentiful in this movie.  Screams of time-warped 90's action flick.  But I understand, the director is attempting to convey emotion and tension to the audience.  More of the same convoluted implication of major plot points (i.e. not explicitly showing a guy get killed, but seeing a guy pull the trigger and hearing something drop to the ground) makes for the viewer to question what's real.

And this misdirection continues by giving the story-teller an easy out with face swaps.  Your hero got himself into a predicament that seems impossible to get out of?  No problem, just swap his face with someone else.  It seems convenient that Ethan Hunt would be walking around with an encyclopedia of convincing facial prosthetics, just incase he needs to disguise himself (and his voice) like some bad guy.

All too convenient to be believable.

In all, this movie was head and shoulders better than the first Mission: Impossible.  But still had its objections in my view.  However, I can absolutely see how the franchise could evolve into a capable action movie which I'd easily enjoy.  Let's see where this goes...

 on: February 28, 2021, 09:10:04 pm 
Started by Brian Fein - Last post by Pappy13
^ I think you're crazy.  Mission Impossible is the best action in cinema right now and has been for years.  Of the spy/heist films, they're the best, in my opinion.  Better than Bond, Jack Reacher, Jack Ryan, Bourne, Fast & Furious, etc. 
You're the crazy one. Daniel Craig is the best bond ever. The first Jack Reacher is better than any of the mission impossible films. The mission impossible films are so over the top it's not even funny, they have a jump the shark moment in every movie. Jack Reacher is a much more believable movie with real characters rather then just cookie cutouts of "good" and "bad" guys. While I'm not a huge fan of the Bourne films I did really like the first couple and I prefer them over the mission impossible films as well. If I had to rank them...

1) Jack Reacher series
2) Daniel Craig as bond series
3) Jason Bourne series
4) Mission Impossible series
5) Fast and the Furious series.

 on: February 27, 2021, 09:46:37 pm 
Started by EDGECRUSHER - Last post by ArtieChokePhin
Probably, but definitely for a few positions in the NFL like QB and LT. They went up too fast and a correction will come fairly soon, like how they had to change the rules for draft picks after JaMarcus Russell got like $32 Million guaranteed before he took a snap. Maybe Sam Bradford was the last straw but JaMarcus was the worst example.

Perfect example.  You hand a guy $32 million before he even takes a snap.  That right there is ridiculous no matter how good they actually are. 

Because of that, it used to cripple teams when they missed on top five picks.  They were pretty much stuck with that guy.  That's no longer the case

 on: February 27, 2021, 09:04:25 pm 
Started by MaineDolFan - Last post by Spider-Dan
Watson signed his deal when he knew how messed up the team was.
Sadly, the team was much better off when he signed his deal!  It sounds almost comical to say that HOU was a more stable and respectable franchise when Bill O'Brien was in charge, but that's what we're looking at.

In any case, had Watson not signed that deal, he would still be under contract until the end of this upcoming season.  He would have much less leverage in every respect.  If this were like the NBA, where you can go to free agency and hit the open market, then Watson may have been better off not signing... but in the NFL, where teams can just franchise you repeatedly and offload all the risk to you, you take the money when it's offered.

 on: February 27, 2021, 07:26:37 pm 
Started by CF DolFan - Last post by Dolphster
For the most part, the "news" stopped being reporting many years ago and became biased opinions instead of the news.  I hate that there is "left wing media" and "right wing media".  Unfortunately, most people in the US are so intellectually lazy that they would rather hear "news" that supports their own opinions rather than just straight up reporting on events that allow us to make up our own minds about the stories.   I probably didn't phrase that very clearly but my point is that it is really hard to a source of news that is not biased.  The Wall Street Journal used to be really good but even they seem to have more of an agenda over the last 20 years or so. 

 on: February 27, 2021, 07:19:46 pm 
Started by ArtieChokePhin - Last post by Dolphster
FanSpeak has a really good draft simulator too.  The full draft version I think costs like $5 or $10 for a one year subscription but they have numerous updated "big boards" from different websites that they put up every week which gives a lot of variation in your simulated drafts.  If I remember correctly, I think Sunstroke uses that one too. 

 on: February 27, 2021, 06:04:52 pm 
Started by MaineDolFan - Last post by EDGECRUSHER
There are so many QB's looking at switching teams this off-season, and projections of QB's being drafted, that I don't see any team willing to give up what Texas would want for him.  IMO there just aren't any teams that are that close to making the hurdle to the SB that they would give up multiple #1's and take on a huge contract.

I really see this going the Le'Veon Bell route where he sits out the entire season and he gets traded next year (probably for what the Texans could get this year), and he loses out on a year's salary.

You're probably right and it's kind of what I have been saying for a bit too. Why go to the 2 win Jets who have very little talent and now will have very little draft picks and less cap space? Only a few teams make sense in terms of being close to contending like us and the Colts.

Then again, all it takes is one team to give up 3 years worth of 1s and 2s to make it happen.

 on: February 27, 2021, 06:00:57 pm 
Started by EDGECRUSHER - Last post by EDGECRUSHER
I think sports salaries in general are going to start to come down.  Especially if COVID continues and state governments continue to limit attendance at sports venues.  Teams won't be able to afford these ever increasing salaries.

Probably, but definitely for a few positions in the NFL like QB and LT. They went up too fast and a correction will come fairly soon, like how they had to change the rules for draft picks after JaMarcus Russell got like $32 Million guaranteed before he took a snap. Maybe Sam Bradford was the last straw but JaMarcus was the worst example.

 on: February 27, 2021, 05:30:07 pm 
Started by MaineDolFan - Last post by Fau Teixeira
I think if Houston ends up playing hardball with watson he's going to full on pull a Kawhi Leonard and have an "injury" that lasts for months while they're still paying him the full amount

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