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O.K.tell me what you guys think.Alot of hard core Democrats that I have talked to,that would've voted for Hillary in a second,are fudging on Barack Obama.And I have to say that I feel the reason is is because he is black.I think alot of older Americans and alot of younger white people will not pull the lever for him for this reason.I find him to be very articulate,intelligent and personable as well as charismatic and as of now,I am still undecided,but I would not be surprised or disappointed if he were elected and I may end up voting for him myself.I would like to think that we've moved beyond this in this country but,I can't help but get this vibe from alot of people I talk to.Sad.

Dave Gray:
I can only speak for me and the people I know.

I am young and white, and will vote for Obama.
My parents are old and white, and will vote for Obama.

My friends that normally vote democrat are all voting for Obama.  The large majority of my friends and family that vote GOP are continuing to do so.  -- There are a few exceptions of people I know, lifelong conservatives, who are supporting a democrat for the first time.

I only know one person who will not vote for Obama because he's black -- one of my brothers.  He deals with racial divide at his job and thinks that he is unfairly treated because of affirmative action, and he thinks that Obama will make this policy worse.

I wouldn't have a problem voting for a black person at all if I thought that he/she would be good for the country.

CF DolFan:
I said this before he was ever nominated. Regardless of how it should be, there is still a lot of hidden racism and sexism in this country and is one of the reasons I'm not completely against affirmative action.  It's also why Hillary would not have won. 

I also think it goes the other way too but not near as much.  Some people feel they have to support him, or at least say it publicly, because they do not want to come across as racist.  I know that I have been accused of being racist several times from people who do not know me.  I won't even get into the fact that I have blacks and latinos in my family. The sad truth is when it comes to making that choice anonymously I don't see it happening even if he was the best option we have.  The fact that he is not does not help him.  ;) ;D   

I think most people who would consider race as the sole reason for not voting for Obama do not and will not vote anyway. They will sit around in their own ignorance and talk about how no one will vote for him because he is black, but never actually go to a polling place.


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