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Anyone listen to Kim Komando or read her website?  I have a friend of mine that sends me e-mails from her from time to time where she gives advice to people about their PC.  While I don't pay a lot of attention usually, my gut instincts tell me this person is an idiot or is getting bad advice from someone.

In her latest issue, Kim was talking about UEFI and boot times and actually told the person to consider switching to a MAC because it uses UEFI and it's not available yet for PC's.  WTF?  Does she realize that this person would have to learn a completely new OS just so she can save 20 seconds on boot up?  Unless you boot up like 400 times a day, you're waisting your time and if you ARE booting up 400 times a day you are REALLY waisting your time.  I boot up about once a week, maybe a couple times a week if there are a lot of miscrosoft updates, but even then most times the PC reboots itself when I'm not even there, why would I care how long it takes?
UEFI, while nice really isn't that big of a deal.  That's why it's taken motherboard manufacturers so long to swith over, because it just really isn't all that necessary.  What Kim should have asked her is why should she care about faster boot times?  Boot times have already been cut down in recent years because of faster booting operating systems.  If her PC takes a long time to boot up, the chances are it's not the BIOS that is the problem but rather that her PC has TONS of applications running at boot up that's slowing it down.  That's a common problem.
Besides, she shouldn't be booting up that often anyway.  I'll bet this person is somone who thinks she needs to shut her PC off everyday.  That is NOT something you should do.  Turning a PC on is one of the MOST harmful things you can do to your PC.  It sends a sudden surge of electricity through the motherboard.  You should leave your PC on 24x7 and have it set up to go into hibernate mode when you are away from it for an extended period of time.  A PC in hibernate mode uses up a very small amount of electricity, barely more than a turned off PC, however when it comes out of hibernate mode it doesn't have the sudden rush of electricity through the motherboard that turning the PC on does and it also doesn't have to reinitialize the BIOS or reboot the operating system, therefore it will be ready for use more quickly than turning your PC off and on again.

Am I wrong?  Is Kim an idiot?

Quote from: Pappy13 on November 03, 2010, 11:03:03 am

Am I wrong?  Is Kim an idiot?

I have no idea who Kim is...

Other than that, if you wanted to speed up your boot process without switching OS, getting a solid state drive would be an easy solution.

I boot my home computer up a couple of times a day. Sure, I guess I could hibernate it or set it on standby, but I want to save the juice and not have to bother with hibernating (which takes almost as long as shotdown / boot). In any event, my new Ubuntu install boots up insanely fast. Win7 quite a bit more slowly (probably close to twice as long), but it's not something that would drive my decision on which OS to use.

Here's the wikipedia entry.  I really don't know much about her either, just what I have seen from the e-mails my friend sends me.

I heard her on the radio a few times.  I found her quite annoying.  While I don't recall hearing her saying anything wrong, I don't recall she said anything not known by everyone but the most novice computer users. 

Dave Gray:
I've never heard of her either, and I'm pretty plugged in.


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