Goat Trailer

In 2002, ABC's Monday Night Football introduced the Madden Horse Trailer. It started as an award for the night's standout player. In later years, John and Al had gotten less stringent with their selections and have been known to put as many as five players up on any given night.

In true TDMMC fashion, we haul the Goat Trailer, celebrating Miami Dolphins players presented with the Shame of the Game award for each loss.

We'll put up a discussion thread in our forums for each loss, and you guys will ultimately decide on the goat. To cast your vote for the TDMMC Goat Trailer, post your thoughts in the "Anti-Fins Chat" portion of our message board, under the "Shame of the Game " thread each week.

Mike Wallace
December 28, 2014
Week 17, vs Jets

Joe Philbin
December 14, 2014
Week 15, at New England

Dallas Thomas
December 7, 2014
Week 14, vs Ravens

Jimmy Wilson
November 23, 2014
Week 12, at Denver

Daniel Thomas
November 9, 2104
Week 10, at Detroit

Joe Philbin
October 12, 2014
Week 6 vs Packers

Bill Lazor
September 21, 2014
Week 3, vs Chiefs

Joe Philbin
September 14, 2014
Week 2, at Buffalo

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