Dolphins part ways with Philbin after miserable start

Today, the Dolphins have announced that they intend to move forward in the 2015 campaign without the services of Head Coach Joe Philbin. This comes just 24 hours after the Dolphins thorough beating by the hands of the stinkin' lousy Jets.

So why do I feel so weird about it?

Just one week ago, I wrote about how I thought the time had come to jettison Philbin and his staff. But today, with that coming true, I don't know if I feel great about it.

Look, don't get me wrong, I liked Joe Philbin as a coach and as a person. In my limited read-only knowledge of him, he seems like a great man, capable leader, and excellent role model. But, all those things don't necessarily make a great football coach. I picture Philbin as a guy that commands respect, but in a non-aggressive way. I don't see him in the same light as Mike Tomlin or Bill Bellichick - the coach who will figuratively step on an opponent's throat.

The Dolphins have become an image of what Philbin wanted them to be - gentle and compassionate. But is that really what Dolphins' fans want to see on Sundays? I think, in the NFL, you need to be ruthless and barbaric. Combative, yet clever. You need to do whatever it takes to lead your team to victory. I just don't put the words "Philbin" and "barbaric" in the same sentence. I don't think anyone does.

Not that that's a bad thing.

Philbin always approached the game with class and elegance, but right now, its best to move on for both parties. The Dolphins need this shake up to show that the current state of the team will not be tolerated. And right now is the best time - going into a bye week giving the new regime a chance to get up to speed.

Do I think Dan Campbell will magically become a coach-of-the-year candidate and lead the Dolphins to the playoffs? No. Probably not. But he's throwing his name in the ring to be considered for a coaching job next season - here or elsewhere. Campbell has a lot to prove, and frankly, so do the Dolphins.

So, while I don't wish ill on Joe Philbin, and I'm not doing the happy dance that he's gone, I do think that his dismissal is the best thing right now for the Miami Dolphins. I wish Coach Philbin the best of luck moving forward, and hope that he catches an opportunity somewhere else very soon.

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